Is it Easy Being Green?

My daily adventures in attempting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle

About October 8, 2008

Is it easy being green? Hi, I’m Jen, and after being an active environmentalist for 20 years (14 of which I spent working professionally in the environmental education field), I’ve been teaching kids and telling friends and family that yes, it is easy being green. Much of the work I’ve done has been with the intent to help people not feel overwhelmed, helpless or full of doom and gloom when it comes to the environment.

But, I confess that the truth is at times I’ve grappled with just how easy it is. Yes, in many ways it really is simple to incorporate living more green into our daily lives, and it’s become easier and easier as the awareness and popularity of environmental issues grows. These days most of us have access to recycling, organic food and compact fluorescent light bulbs. But, with more knowledge of and access to all things green comes more questions. (Ok, so I bought that compact fluorescent, but now you’re telling me to use LED? I’m seeking out organic food, but now I’m hearing that it’s more important to buy local?  Wait, all that plastic I recycle is being shipped all the way to China? Ugh.) Just when I think how to do the right thing, something new comes up and I feel like I’m starting over. It can be a bit much and irking at times!

Ultimately, it’s all worth it, and I’d rather have the information and make the decisions than just be in denial (most of the time, anyway). It can even be fun and exhilarating to be eco-conscious! This blog documents my daily challenges, victories, discoveries and sometimes ridiculous moments in trying to be as green as I can–while still living in the world. I mean, although I have great respect for those people who take environmentalism to the extreme, I’m not about to go live “off the grid,” wear only burlap or eat a diet consisting of tofu and bean sprouts (fyi, I do enjoy both of those foods in moderation). I like fashion, make-up, sweets, TV, air conditioning and things that come in pretty packages. Oh, don’t get me started on that pretty packaging.

I emphatically want to keep improving how I live and never get stuck in an eco-rut. No matter how maddening it might feel, living sustainably is something that will always be at the center of my life–it’s permanently part of who I am. With this blog, I hope to provide myself with a dose of encouragement, a way to help process information and an outlet for venting when I’m feeling crazed. I hope that anyone who reads this blog will find it helpful and motivating in your green pursuits!

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Phoebe Smith Says:

    Great blog, Jen! I chair an environmental committee at work (see our blog at and I’ll be blog-stalking you for good ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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