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Beautiful green thing #8 November 8, 2010

Since it’s been so long since I last posted (no, this blog is not dead!), I thought it would be best to crank up the blog again with a beautiful green thing. Ever since the Gulf oil disaster, I’ve been generally in an eco-funk, feeling pretty down on the state of our world. But when I find out about something like the Windowfarms Project, it turns things around for me just enough that I remember the ability of the human mind to come up with innovative solutions, and the nature of humans to form community and work toward good.

The Windowfarms Project started out as a couple of women who wanted to grow food in their tiny NYC apartments. They came up with a way to grow food in an apartment window with hydroponics and used plastic bottles. The system worked, and they started sharing it with others while also creating a community where people could improve upon the system and continue to make it better. Just one year after posting the instructions on how to build a windowfarm, 13,000 people have downloaded them and are participating in their online community.

It might seem like a small thing to do–grow a little food in your home–but that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? Instead of waiting around for industry to move forward with urban agriculture efforts like large-scale vertical farming, the Windowfarms Project pioneers moved forward themselves. They took some steps to live healthier and lighter on the planet, and with the power of the Internet and community, grew an idea into a worldwide movement that helps get local, fresh produce to urban dwellers.


2 Responses to “Beautiful green thing #8”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    This is so inspiring! I guess all we can is what we can do..:)

  2. Ken Jansen Says:

    Hi Jen,

    That is a great idea. Thank for finding that video. Local food is good.


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