Is it Easy Being Green?

My daily adventures in attempting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle

Beautiful Green Thing #6 August 25, 2009

IMG_0153After it sat in a pile of periodicals for quite some time, I finally got around to flipping through the summer 09 Nature Conservancy magazine. I’m really glad I did get around to reading it because I came across a very cool project that TNC did called “Design for a Living World“. TNC invited 10 designers to create products made from sustainable materials from around the world. The website states that “Design for a Living World asks us to think about the products we use–where they come from, how they are made and the impacts they have on our planet.”

The designers traveled to far-off destinations to learn about the materials and the people who harvest them. They came up with some pretty fascinating (if not always practical) results that provide both the opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic aspect, but also learn about the materials in a unique way. The website supports this project well with really nice design and descriptions. Check it out and enjoy!