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Time to Revive Earth Day April 20, 2009

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earthday2005Ah, Earth Day. It’s been around for a long time. It used to be the only time of year you’d find an environmental article in the newspaper, see people doing a park cleanup or be able to attend an environmental event. Nowadays, being green has gotten so much more popular and environmental issues are covered often by the media; fortunately environmental awareness has become more of a constant in our lives. Still, there’s a lot of eco-hype every time Earth Day comes around. It’s not that that’s a bad thing, it just adds to the idea of Earth Day feeling a bit old and well, pointless to me.

But, this year I’ve decided to change my attitude about Earth Day and revive its true meaning! (Does this sound like a familiar Christmas movie theme?) How will I do this? I’m going to find something new to do for the Earth each day of this week. I think that by embracing Earth Day and really doing something (hopefully with lasting effects) I’ll feel that Earth Day is more than just some token day when people who normally don’t do anything to live sustainably come out and pretend to care. Yikes, I sound cynical! That’s why I’m taking charge and making Earth Day more meaningful personally.

I started out by visiting the Center for a New American Dream website. This is such a great resource for taking action toward living green and being a responsible consumer.

Thanks to links on the New American Dream website, my first day’s task was revisiting reducing my junk mail. I signed up a long time ago to not receive junk mail and it worked pretty well, but I think moving to a new address has caused more junk mail to arrive in my mail box over the past several months. I visited the Direct Marketing Association’s DMAchoice website, which allows you to manage the mail (and e-mail) you receive. I was happy to be able to opt out of receiving all of those annoying credit card offers!

Opting out of magazine and catalog offers got a little tedious because I had to go through them individually, but now that I’m registered on the website, whenever I get some pesky item in the mail that I don’t want, I can go to the website and opt out of that company’s mailings.

I feel better already! Now, what to do tomorrow…